Hic Anda Thu | Me And You

3. Autumn Time

Autumn time to leave the lowlands
Leave the twilight with the lamps
Leaving family and good friends
An infant sleeping like a lamb

France is cold and wet and everywhere
They close the shutters down at night
Each village seems to be from life completly bare
The moon the only source of light

Winding ways and time enough to think
Of letting go and holding on
Of love that seems to make a distance shrink
And drawing near to find it’s gone

Spending some time next to a broken truck
What’s wrong I can’t exactly say
Each time it feels like one’s forever stuck
When some angel helps you on your way

Did you ever notice all the shades of green
In a landscape washed by rain
Many colours in my lifetime I have seen
Therefore (therefore) I remain
Therefore I remain

I call my daughter on the phone, she says:
“I can not see the street from rain
I sit wrapped in a blanket on my bed
try not to miss you but in vain”

Steering the truck onto the N 225
The mountains loom up dark ahead
May be I’ll never be somebody’s proper wife
But sure will find the sun ahead

Tekst: Trudie van den Bos
Muziek: September
Opname en productie: Johan Vromans

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