Hic Anda Thu | Me And You

12. Dreaming In The Storm

Some of us are walking in days of silent night
Not aware of food or talking just seeking for a light
Not aware of love or acheing not aware of sun or hail
Not aware of hearts that break
Into pieces thin and frail
Just to have your dreams to live on seems a bleak reality
But as long as we forgive and let each other be
We can paint each other rainbows and the stars in daylight broad

I could show you where my dream grows
And my song and dance is taught
I could sing you songs of freedom write you poems or a play
Sculpt your lovely stubborn head on with a love I can’t betray
And I know you can not eat those and they will not keep you warm
But they might just keep your heart close
To your own dreams in the storm

I may not be much of a mother, I may not be much of a wife
Try my best to cope with bother and the tangled facts of life
And I can not make us lovers and I can not keep you bound
I can only shed my covers and stand naked on my ground

In the desert without water
is a secret well of stone
If you listen to your longing
It will make the sea your home

Tekst: Trudie van den Bos
Muziek: September
Opname en productie: Johan Vromans

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