Hic Anda Thu | Me And You

2. Flying Banners

Run to the phonebooth to pick up the horn
Dial the code and be an object gone
Jump off the tower to the unborn
Find the matrix land on your own lawn

Birds fly away not hindered by our walls
Heat wind or rain it matters not at all

Ride in a wheelchair take to the highway
Read the signpost leave your childish fate
Find the correos stick to the writing
Scan the people meet with Tarzan’s mate

Stand on your feet and check your powerscreen
Follow the street and find your dreammachine

Walk in the hallway reading the bible
Hear your name and seek your father’s hand
Step down the landing hearing the libel
Feel the shame but no one to defend

Turning from sin the spirit to the soul
Flames from within are turning into gold

Under a black sky trying to breath
Holding up a body full of shock
Spikes through the hands and spikes through the feet
It’s friday nite again and nine o’clock

Seeking the eye of the hurricane
Stand on the isle in the sea of pain

And I see large flying banners of mercy and grace
That wave over every long forgotten face
That’s in the heart embedded and cannot be erased
But needs to be forgiven and embraced

Tekst: Trudie van den Bos
Muziek: September
Opname en productie: Johan Vromans

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