Hic Anda Thu | Me And You

9. Lonely Heart

Lonely is my heart and tired is my aching head
Finding ways to warm it to a living thing
Time again it hangs on to a faster hammering
still it’s left as though it always has been had

I tried to share this heart with every soul
I meet, but all I seem to share is onely hurt.
open wide my arms to brace the lonely of this world
to find I cling them to me in my need

The bitter disappointment of a kindred soul
turning out to be a stranger face to face.
Two roses bloom together, each a different base
Picked and cleaned they wither in a flower bowl.

To my lover I just leave my body but my soul
craves fulfillment of a different sort of need
though I linger on his longing listening to his beat
yet my heart it wanders distant from this bed

Someone said you hang onto this life, and it will go
Leave it be and you will find it at your feet
Hear this knocking thru the world in every soul you meet
Open up and face the mirror it will show

Lonely is the heart and tired are these very arms.
Still it says you are my witness to the world.
Hug it tight this hurt until it grows into a pearl
Some day somehow it will brighten all your charms.

Originele versie: A Lullaby 4 The Very Tired
Tekst: Trudie van den Bos
Muziek: September
Opname en productie: Floris van Manen en Johan Vromans

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